The concert he was going to give was suspended L-Gante Saturday, October 9 at night in Venado Tuerto. The event was to be held at the Juventud Pueyrredón stadium, but according to the organizers, they had to make that decision due to a series of requests made by the artist.

Santa Fe businessmen released the news through a statement in which they explained the reasons: “Due to material requirements sent by the artist L-Ghent on Thursday and at the last minute, and this being the eve of a holiday, we are unable to obtain these elements, they detailed.

Then they continued: “That is why we are obliged to suspend the recital that was going to take place on October 9, 2021 in the city of Venado one-eyed. To return the tickets, contact your seller. They will take place from Tuesday 10/12/2021. Please apologize for the inconvenience caused ”.

L-Ghent's order list for your dressing room at their live shows.

However, far from being a simple suspension, it turned into a controversial situation. After the news leaked la list of requirements that the artist requested in terms of sound, scenography regarding the show, as well as the details of what is required for his personal dressing room.

L-Ghent's technical order for sound.

The order list included details of techniques and logic such as: microphones, speakers, consoles and monitors. But there were also extravagant requests for his dressing room: water, energy drink, crumb sandwiches, cheese and cold cuts board, white hand towels (new), a full-length mirror, a PlayStation 5, a 55-inch television, a whiskey Jonnie Walker black label and 2 champagne Baron B.

This cancellation made the networks explode with comments against the producer and against L-Ghent himself. While the production assured that the cause of the cancellation was at the request of the artist, others indicated that it could have been poor ticket sales, which cost 2,000 pesos.

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