Enzo Pérez dislocated his left elbow.

The bad news of this River that caresses an Olympic return was the serious injury suffered by Enzo Pérez in the game against Platense. And after conducting studies, it was the midfielder who provided details of what happened this Monday at noon but also left a certainty: “They told me to forget about the championship.”

“They will communicate to me better what I have, waiting for the doctors to see it and we will take the best possible solution. When I was on the field of play I asked the doctor on the bench the recovery time, but he told me ‘forget about the championship ´. There the card fell to me, for that reason the crying, but already thinking about the recovery … “, the footballer reviewed about the injury that he had in his left arm and that will keep him away from the fields until 2022.

However, despite missing the end of the tournament and the Olympic return on the field, the Mendoza advanced that “the head has to be strong, in recovery, thinking about supporting my colleagues and thinking in the best way “, but he also admitted that” they know me well and they know that I am strong, but at that moment many things come to mind. I thanked them because they accompanied me at this time. “

Enzo Pérez dislocated his left elbow.

The game in Vicente López (it was a 1-0 victory with a goal from Julián Álvarez) had friction but the injury play was isolated. And it is an evil that crossed River throughout the year. “My elbow had slipped out of place and on the court they accommodated me … But as a team we are good, strong. There is a statistic of 26 players injured in 26 games, but we have scored a lot of points at different times and with different teams. We have always said that we put the group, the squad, ahead of everything, and we have shown it, “deepened the player who played the 2018 World Cup in Russia with the Argentine National Team.

When talking about his possible replacement to face Racing, Enzo Pérez was clear: “I don’t know how Marcelo (Gallardo) will put it together, but whoever gets it deserves it. Everyone knows the importance of Leo (Ponzio) in the group and we will wait for what the coach decides at that time. ” And later He broadened his view of what it meant to stay at the club when he was close to emigrating at the beginning of the year.

“They are situations that footballers live and more in the club that we are because they come to look for you. The decision I made, at a family level, was to stay. I always put everything on the table, I do not choose one thing for another, and today I am in the place that I am because I want to. I will not be able to finish it on the pitch as I wanted to be, but to support my teammates from the outside, help them with a word of encouragement and hopefully on Thursday we can have a good game “, described one of the figures of the team that will be consecrated in Argentine soccer in the next few days.

The moment of the fall that caused Enzo Pérez's elbow injury.

The moment of the fall that caused Enzo Pérez’s elbow injury.

Enzo Pérez and the future of Gallardo. “Particularly with him (Gallardo) I did not talk about the issue. We are all anxious about his decision. Being part of River, as a fan, I hope he stays. It is a subject that he will decide with his coaching staff at the end of the year” .

Enzo Pérez and the present of Julián Álvarez. “Julián had to live several moments at the club. He has been with us for three years, he had good performances. Those of us who have been here for a long time, those of us who have experience, try to support him, take him and the moment he is having, live well. He is a boy who is focused on what he wants, he has a great family that accompanies him and is on top of him for when these things happen, talking about many clubs, he is focused. What happens to him is deserved and we who are at his around we accompany him in the best way “.

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