"They want to make me look like a monster": Zemmour reacts after controversy over burial of Merah victims in Israel

This Thursday, Eric Zemmour was the guest of CNews in the show “L’heure des Pros”. As usual, he talked about a lot of things including, of course, immigration. He also reconsidered his statements about the victims of Mohamed Merah buried in Israel.

In his book, “France has not said its last word”, the one who has not yet officially run for office wrote this: “Mohamed Merah’s family asked to bury him on the land of his ancestors in Algeria. We also knew that the Jewish children murdered in front of the denominational school in Toulouse would be buried in Israel. Anthropologists have taught us that ‘ we were from the country where we are buried. Assassins or innocents, executioners or victims, enemies or friends, they wanted to live in France, to make garbure in France or something, but as for leaving their bones, they didn’t especially did not choose France, foreigners above all and wanting to remain so beyond death “.

Invited in the show “On est en direct”, he had justified himself. “The French drama is that we no longer make French people […] This text is to say: ‘look, we can no longer assimilate, it’s sad’ “, he explained to Léa Salamé and Laurent Ruquier. This verbal joust had aroused real indignation.

Faced with Pascal Praud, he responded to this controversy. “I understood very well that they wanted to use what I said and that they wanted to pass me off as a monster without humanity and without heart”, he began. “I recall, you know, the debate between Giscard and Mitterrand: ‘You don’t have a monopoly on the heart, I too have a heart, it beats at its own pace.’ That’s exactly what I want respond.”

Then, the polemicist wanted to explain that he did not want to shock the relatives of the victims of Mohammed Merah. “All this is the political instrumentalisation of the emotion and the sincere and real suffering of people who, I understand very well, that they were surprised, shocked, that they felt hurt by this I’m saying. That’s not the point of the game at all. I didn’t mean to hurt these people at all. “, he assured.

According to him, all he did was coldly observe the facts. “There are two stages in each of us. There is first the emotion, the sincere emotion about these people, about the suffering of these people, that is one thing. And then there is there is the rational analysis of events. It is not the same thing. If we no longer have the right to try to analyze an event because this event is horrible, monstrous, it must be said “, he concluded.

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