Malware Android.

malware android.jpg

The cybersecurity specialists analyzed Mediatek audio processors that revealed the flaws in their security. Through these, hackers could eavesdrop on users’ conversations and audios without permission.

Following your research, Check Point Software explained that Mediatek chips contain an audio signal processor that could be used as a vulnerabilityd for cybercriminals to take advantage of. Theft is done through a malicious app downloaded from the Play Store that takes the data from the audio processor.

The company, through Slava Makkaveev, one of its security researchers, He explained that “these flaws could be used by the device manufacturers themselves to create a mass eavesdropping campaign. Although we do not see any concrete evidence of such misuse, we are quick to disclose our findings to MediaTek and Xiaomi. ” What’s more, They asked that devices be kept up-to-date with security patches to cut through the vulnerability of these chips.

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