This was announced by the National Commission on its official Twitter account, where it recalled that the judge granted the benefit of “house arrest to Andrés Giovanni Rivera, accused of spraying his partner Laura Vanessa Rincón with thinner.”

Due to this decision – questioned by various sectors, including the mayor of Bogotá Claudia López who described it as “impunity” – the Bogotá Judicial Discipline Section will initiate a ex officio investigation in which it will determine if the official made a mistake.

The investigation is related to the aberrant attack against Laura Vanesa Rincón Álvarez, last weekend (October 9), when her sentimental partner set her on fire for not washing dishes, in the house where they live together in the Santa neighborhood. Catalina (Kennedy).

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Despite the fact that Rivera was caught in flagrante delicto and accused by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Femicide, the judge decided to send him to his home under this detention measure. Days later, the victim learned that her partner was free and, surprised, confirmed that he was a dangerous man.

Following the controversial determination, Judge 31 issued a statement this week in which he stated:

“It was adopted after evaluating the case in accordance with the applicable legal standards. It was explicitly stated that there was an event of serious gender violence; that, despite the fact that there was no history of violence or crime on the part of Mr. Rivera Triana, his freedom represented a risk for the victim due to his coexistence; and that, therefore, he should be stopped. The selection of the measure of detention in residence was due to the accreditation, by the defense of this person, of a home environment remote and different from that of the victim, which allowed sufficiently neutralize the risk detected ”.

The victim continues in the Simón Bolívar Hospital under medical observation due to second and third degree burns caused by his partner in 65% of his body.

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