They will investigate the judge who gave a house for jail to the man who burned his partner in Bogotá

This Thursday, the National Judicial Discipline Commission announced through its Twitter account that a formal investigation will be opened against the judge who granted the measure of house for jail to the man accused of burning his partner in the Santa Catalina neighborhood, from the town of Kennedy, in Bogotá.

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“The Judicial Discipline Sectional Commission of # Bogotá will investigate the guarantee control judge 31 who sent Andrés Giovanni Rivera to house arrest, accused of spraying his partner Laura Vanessa Rincón with thinner,” the highest authority reported.

And it is that despite the fact that the man was caught in flagrante delicto and accused of the crime of femicide, the judge decided to grant him the measure of house for jail, a decision that was rejected by the young woman’s family and even by the mayor of the capital herself, Claudia López.

«How is it possible that a case of femicide with full evidence of a man who burns his partner and has it between life and death, and the judge gives house arrest to the perpetrator! Impunity incites more violence and insecurity! That waits? That he receives it at home if he is saved? “, Wrote the mayor of Bogotá through her Twitter account.

Regarding the victim, he is still receiving medical attention at the Simón Bolívar Hospital, after the subject caused burns in 75% of his body.

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