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The graduates of the Excellence Teachers Program will be taken into account and hired by the Ministry of Education (Minerd) for the next school year, for which a survey is made of all those who finished their career and are only waiting to receive the title.

This group was not allowed to participate in the teaching opposition competition and as they are pending to receive the title, higher education institutions and the Ministry of Higher Education seek the most appropriate solution that allows them to enter the system, without violating the law .

The results of that registry will be delivered to President Luis Abinader, who expressed concern for those who completed their studies under this program financed by the State, their inability to participate in the contest and the preliminary results that it has produced.

These results are not flattering and the trend shows that only about 9 thousand teachers of the 71,514 applicants would pass the tests to fill 19, 181 places that need to be filled in the educational system for the next school year.

“At the moment we are doing a survey of how many are the graduates of the excellence teaching program who are in that situation, (who concluded and do not have degrees), to deliver it tomorrow (today) to the President,” the minister explained to Diario Libre of Higher Education Franklin García Fermín.

No more than a thousand

The graduates of Intec, Isfodosu, Unibe and Unphu would not exceed a thousand, according to the data collected until this Tuesday and the minister explained that even if they participated in the contest, the vacant places would not be filled. In this case, a solution is sought that does not violate the law that requires that they must have a title validated by the MESCyT.

García Fermín reported that consensus solutions are being sought and that is why President Abinader has summoned broad sectors that have to do with education so that solutions can be found based on consensus.

The students of the excellence program would be hired, trained and evaluated at the end of the school year and it is also weighted to find an average among the contestants, even if they have not passed the exam, but who have better grades. They would also be hired for a year, to prepare and evaluate them

“The trend of the results of the contest reflects, if it is maintained, that the chosen ones will not reach 9 thousand and then there would be a deficit of 10 thousand teachers in the education system, which would create a difficult situation and work is being done to Teaching should not be stopped due to lack of teachers ”, stressed the minister.

These issues were discussed in a meeting held by President Abinader with the Education Cabinet made up of the Ministers of Education, Roberto Fulcar; of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Franklin García Fermín; the director of Infotep, Rafael Santos; the director of Isfodosu, Nurys González Durán, and representatives of Business Action for Education (EDUCA), the Dominican Initiative for a Quality Education (IDEC), Education Initiative and higher education institutions.

Various sectors of society had requested, through Diario Libre, that the participation of students who were trained under this program be allowed, which guarantees the skills of future teachers in pedagogical, curricular and school management areas.

The Teaching Opposition Contest began on Wednesday of last week with the evaluations of the applicants for the primary level and the results of that day left dozens of teachers failed and complaints of leaks of the tests, technical failures and lack of organization.

The teachers needed

6,055 elementary teachers, 2,275 foreign language teachers, 1,525 physical education teachers and 1,483 kindergarten teachers are needed. From secondary school 1,454 teachers of Natural Sciences, 1,359 of Mathematics, 1,268 of Spanish Language and 1,063 of Social Sciences, 392 of Special Education, 1,330 counselors and 977 school directors.

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