Thiago Rodrigues reveals having sex in church: ‘I already asked for forgiveness’

During an interview with the Papagaio Falante podcast, presented by Serginho Malandro and Renato Rabelo, global actor Thiago Rodrigues, 42, confessed to having sex inside a church. In the chat, the artist said that the situation happened in Spain.

“I was in Barcelona, ​​there was a church there, very beautiful, close to a park. We wanted to go to church. It was closed, but on the side was a half-open door. We entered, it seemed to be a sacristy”, he said.

“We arrived, clapped our hands, nobody [se manifestou]. We were gaining ground… After a while one looked at the other, another looked at one, and then… [aconteceu]. It was in the sacristy of the church. The church was disabled, it was under construction, ”he recalled.

“But it wasn’t a business in malice. He was a person I had a serious relationship with. And I already asked God for forgiveness. There’s already been a lot of shit in my life after that, I’ve already paid for that karma”, added the actor.

The show’s hosts reacted to the story with surprise: “This guy is going to hell.” Watch below:

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