Thief with helmet broke into motorcycle shop this morning (14) (Reproduction)

Action lasted about 3 minutes. TV, notebooks and clothes were taken

Thief with helmet broke into motorcycle shop this morning (14) (Reproduction)

A motorcycle shop in Vila Carvalho in Campo Grande was targeted by thieves this morning (14). According to the owner of the store, which has been in place for 4 years, the added loss amounts to R$ 20 thousand.

The action inside the establishment lasts about 3 minutes, as shown in the pictures. See the video at the end of the article.

Around 3:30 am, a man with a helmet on his head breaks down the blindex side door, enters the store and goes straight to the boardroom. He goes up the stairs and upstairs, turns the whole place over, gets some clothes from the boutique and notebook. Then he goes downstairs and messes up the vendors’ tables.

The suspect left carrying a 32-inch television, 4 notebooks and items from the boutique. The estimated loss is R$ 20 thousand.

“What remains is the inconvenience. In the notebooks there are documents and things related to the store, but we were happy that it wasn’t worse. He didn’t damage any of the bikes and there wasn’t anyone in the place either. I don’t know if he was armed,” he explained Jonathan Ronald, 38, owner of the store.

Ronald said that the suspicion is that the person knows the store, as he entered and went directly to the board, climbing the stairs and taking items of great value.

He says that he learned of what had happened at dawn, when the alarms went off and the company responsible for monitoring called.

Although one person appears in the images, the suspicion is that there is another one outside supporting him.

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