Thiem admits mistakes and reveals why he is not vaccinated

In the first half of the year things did not go well for a healthy Thiem either. You said you fell into a mental hole after winning the US Open …

I had worked towards this goal for 15 years. When I was in the top 10 for the first time, it was realistic for the first time. After an initial euphoria, there was a certain emptiness. And just as things were going better again, the injury came. It was a mixture of a bad blow and the result of years of wear and tear.

Your big goal is the Australian Open in January. A vaccination by the end of November is a prerequisite for entry. Are you vaccinated?

No, I’m waiting for the Novavax vaccine. If I don’t get it by then, I’ll take another vaccine.

What are the comeback plans?

I want to play an exhibition in December because I need match practice. If everything goes according to plan, I can play really well at the Australian Open. But don’t expect too much yet. Matches and training are two different things. My big goal is the French Open in May, so I want to be there in top form.

Will you be seen at the big Davis Cup final tournament in Innsbruck at the end of November?

When I’m in the country, yes. The fact that I can’t play is particularly painful because we may never get another chance like this.

At the moment you can still be seen at events. With friend Lili. Do you mind that there are tons of pictures?

When I go to a Grand Prix with her, I shouldn’t be surprised that there are pictures. We do not consciously go public. It was nice that I had someone during the hard times.

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