Photo: Alexander Ivanov

Another seven houses from the “Oleg Leonov’s list” have been assigned the status of cultural heritage sites (CCH). The list consists of 20 buildings requiring conservation status, and was created as a result of meetings with residents of the capital. The documents on the assignment of the OKN are published on mos.ru.

“The matter of saving old Moscow houses is very personal for me, as well as for thousands of Muscovites who left their signatures in support of the initiative to assign the status of cultural heritage sites to 20 buildings in the center of the capital. To date, 13 houses from the list that we have compiled together with residents have received special status. The work on the preservation of historical buildings will definitely continue, “said the curator of LisaAlert projects at the Center for the Search for Missing People. Oleg Leonov.

Some of the buildings that have received conservation status: Mazurin’s house in the lane. Coursework; town estate of the 19th century on the street Pottery; residential house of the Naumov-Volkonsky, 1833 on the street. Prechistenka and the Bars tenement house on the street. Pipe.

In such a short period of time, the assignment of the OKN status to more than ten buildings is a unique incident, a precedent that has no analogues in the capital. The company to save the architectural cultural heritage did not leave Muscovites indifferent; they collected more than 10,000 signatures in support of Oleg Leonov’s initiative in the shortest possible time.

The status of a “cultural heritage object” imposes certain restrictions on the owner, for example, he cannot rebuild, modernize or demolish the building, and for violation of the ownership regime, liability is stipulated up to criminal.

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