This DC blockbuster is set to become a major part of Dwayne Johnson's biggest film ever

For years, the DC cinematic universe has always been much darker and more serious compared to Marvel. At least with Shazam! But by 2019, that tone changed for good. The entertaining blockbuster mixes teen-friendly superhero fun with a warm family history, in which surprising horror elements only creep in from time to time.

If your Shazam! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the film tonight at 8:15 p.m. on Sat. 1 watch as a German free TV premiere. The DC blockbuster with Zachary Levi is not only worthwhile as entertaining entertainment. Shazam will also be an important character in what is arguably the most powerful Dwayne Johnson film of all time, due to hit the DC Universe in 2022.

Dwayne Johnson will fight Shazam as Black Adam

Even if he’s in Shazam! does not yet appear himself, Black Adam is at least briefly mentioned. When Billy meets the magician in Shazam’s cave, who transfers his powers to him, he also tells the story of the superpower. Shazam mentions that it was a long time ago there was a chosen one who was seized by the evil side and almost destroyed the world. Although we only see a silhouette, it’s Teth-Adam aka Black Adam.

Watch the first teaser for the Black Adam solo film with Dwayne Johnson here:

Black Adam – DC FanDome Teaser Trailer (English) HD


on the Battle between Shazam and Black Adam DC fans will have to wait a little longer. The solo film with Dwayne Johnson, which the star has so far confidently praised as the greatest shock in the power structure of the DC Universe, will be released for the first time in July.

Also through regular training videos in which Johnson his most impressive physical form to date Black Adam has already grown into the greatest Dwayne Johnson film of all time. So it’s almost irrelevant that the star plays the leading role in one of the biggest comic film franchises of the moment.

Although Black Adam’s plot is not fully known, in the DC Comics the character loses his entire family in ancient Egypt and is then imprisoned for 5,000 years. Shazam’s superpowers transform him into a brutal avenger in the present after he escapes, eventually becoming the Nemesis of good Shazam developed.

From the July 28, 2022 Black Adam is running in German cinemas. Whether Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero or villain meets Zachary Levi briefly here remains to be seen.

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Are you looking forward to the fight between Shazam and Black Adam in the DC cinematic universe?

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