This is how Afghan women show what they think of the strict rules of the Taliban

They are still allowed to study, but no longer together with male students. Sports may soon be completely banned for Afghan women. And that’s just the beginning, they fear. In protest against the new strict rules in their country, Afghan women challenge the new rulers by wearing colorful clothes, which is strictly forbidden by the Taliban.

There is much to do for women’s rights in Afghanistan as the Taliban took power. However, not all of them give in. A kind of protest has arisen on social media with women posing in colorful traditional Afghan costumes. Anonymous in their own country, with name and surname for those who have already fled the country.

Some 300 Afghan women held a demonstration at Kabul University to show their agreement with the new dress code. Dressed in blue burqas, they supported the new regime.

In response, hundreds of Afghan women worldwide are posting photos in colorful traditional clothing on social media using the hashtag #DoNotTouchMyClothes. They want to show that the black or blue, covering robes are not part of Afghan culture. And certainly not in 2021.

The movement started with a photo of Dr. Bahar Jalali, a historian and founder of the first Gender Studies program in Afghanistan. “This is Afghan culture. I am wearing a traditional Afghan dress in many colors,” he said.

Then women worldwide began to post photos with their typical attire. In many bright colors. These are banned under the new Taliban regime. That is why women who are still in Afghanistan now prefer to protest anonymously.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs, which has fought for the emancipation of Afghan women for years, has since been disbanded and replaced by the Ministry of Preventing Vice and Promoting Virtue with the aim of enforcing Sharia law across the country.

Anyone who does not follow the rules will be dealt with severely by the vice squad.

The demand for burkas, which will soon be compulsory everywhere again, has risen sharply in the meantime. Because after the Taliban were ousted for the first time, many women almost burned their burqa. To celebrate their newfound freedom.

So now they have to go back to the store to buy a new one. The price has since increased tenfold.

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