"This is not a health dictatorship": Emmanuel André reacts to the vaccination obligation of caregivers

On Friday, an agreement on the vaccination requirement of caregivers was reached after heated discussions within the Vivaldi. Caregivers who refuse vaccination will be fired from April 1 without notice, but with unemployment. However, the worker may object to this dismissal decision and then his contract will be suspended without pay or compensation.

This decision has since caused much ink to flow, especially among the ranks of nursing staff unions, who threaten to go on strike.

This Monday morning, microbiologist Emmanuel André reacted on Twitter. He totally refutes the term “health dictatorship” that some brandish to denounce compulsory vaccination.

“Our health system dedicates considerable efforts to protect and care for people who have not yet enjoyed the undeniable benefits of vaccination. Such a system is not a health dictatorship. It is a system which heals and supports everything. the world, “hammered the former interfederal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus.

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