This is the longest-lasting covid-19 case in history.

If you’ve ever stopped to ask yourself the maximum amount of time a person has had covid-19, science already has the answer: 335 days. This is the case of a 47-year-old woman from the US who has not been identified. The patient was first hospitalized with the disease at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, in June 2020.

After ten months, during which this woman had mild or no symptoms, her doctors found that she was still testing positive for the virus. It turns out that the woman was immunocompromised after a successful treatment for blood cancer three years earlier, which left her with low levels of B cells, responsible for producing antibodies.

Immunocompromised 47-year-old woman presents covid-19 virus for 335 days (Image: Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay)

The patient continued to test positive for the virus, and the doctors thought they were false positives detecting harmless fragments of the virus left after the infection was cleared. When the woman’s viral load rose again in March of this year, doctors sequenced her genome and found that it was very similar to the coronavirus she carried ten months earlier, unlike any strain circulating in the general population at the time.

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The woman received treatment and finally cleared the infection in April, 335 days after the first test. The information was shared through a study do National Institutes of Health.

Source: ScienceNews via Business Insider

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