This is the new face of Tom Cruise

United States.- A couple of weeks ago Ricky Martin He was in the controversy because of his face and speculation arose as to whether he had undergone surgery. After the mega uproar, the Puerto Rican singer came out to clarify what really happened.

Now it was the actor’s turn Tom Cruise being the target of a new controversy because he appeared at an event and wore an unrecognizable face, and immediately became news.

Apparently, the veteran actor seeks to prevent the passing of the years and is that despite his 59 years, age did not seem to change him, until now.

The protagonist of “Mission impossible”Attended the meeting between the Giants and the Dodgers accompanied by his son Connor, 26, and his presence went unnoticed until his face appeared next to his name on the stadium scoreboard, which unleashed the astonishment of all those present.

Immediately the change in the face of Cruise was perceived by his fans, and the gazes of his critics were focused on the actor’s apparent bulging jaw and had no qualms in pointing out that it could be the result of several injections, and therefore, the abuse of botox.

In comments from Instagram, users of social networks questioned the actor of “Top GunWhat had been done to her face, it looked unrecognizable. Now, the speculations in the famous Hollywood are all over the networks, where they comment that apparently he exceeded with the interventions.

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