Heading To Hell Netflix 2

You finished The Squid Game and you don’t know what to do anymore? Are you looking for another Asian series that makes your hair stand on end? We have a solution for you. So much so, that first we will leave you the trailer and then we will explain all the details.

A new paranormal world

The Serie Heading to Hell, O Hellbound in English, comes to Netflix from the hand of Yeon Sang-ho, the creator of Train To Busan. But this time there are no zombies and we do not face cruel competitions as in The Squid Game, rather, this is a series that unites the paranormal with suspense.

This time we have two protagonists: the detective Jin Kyung Hoon who investigates a dangerous sect; and the lawyer Min Hyejin who tries to rationalize everything that is happening. In this series we see how strange monsters violently murder people in broad daylight, a phenomenon that the group Spear interpreted as an act of divine justice. In this way, the central characters try to understand what is happening and stop the advance of this religious group, which is gradually taking over South Korea.

Heading To Hell Netflix 2

Short and powerful

Hellbound it has only six episodes, which last between 45 and 55 minutes. In fact, the first three were trained in the Toronto International Film Festival, in that of Busan and in that of London. There they garnered good reviews and established the series as the next Netflix hit.

In addition to its fictional axis, the series was applauded for its portrayal of Korean social classes and the way they handle the power of the country. For this reason, the series ends up being enjoyed by both those who come for their ethical reflection and for their paranormal motives. Even the newspaper South China Morning Postnoted that «It has a unique narrative structure, but explaining it can spoil some of the surprise. The ethical issues raised in the series are intense and timely and are sure to spark a lively debate. ‘

Do you dare to see it? Do you think this is the series that could displace The Squid Game?

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