Be Ospina

The former participant of the 2018 Challenge, Belmer Ospina, better known as Be Ospina, faces a harsh accusation on social networks by his ex-wife, Angela Muñoz, with whom he shares two children.

It all started on the night of January 13, when Muñoz decided to publish through his stories what seems to be a long hint to the content creator for “not being a good father.” It should be clarified that Be Ospina and Angela share two children from their marriage, Esteban and Valeria, but everything indicates that the fight is for their youngest daughter.

Also mention that your daughter deserves to be picked up at school even on foot when they haven’t visited her in more than six months and not picked her up in a high-end car just to make her part of her videos on social networks.

“A daughter deserves that you call her on December 24 and 31 and not that you block her from your WhatsApp and your Instagram by making her the law of ice,” is part of the text that is read in the image published by Angela.

The athlete Be Ospina is involved in a lawsuit with his ex-wife on social networks.

Without even letting hours pass, the athlete did not hesitate to respond to the mother of his children about the accusation.

“That I am absent because I live in another country, that does not make me a bad father, but she would not have such a good time every time we see each other,” said the man from Cali in his stories.

But Be’s words were not well deserved by some network users, many claim that “it would have been better if he had remained silent” and that “he answered yes to everything she said”, with his answers.

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Be ospina

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