"This march is illegal in this country"

MIAMI, United States. – The Cuban regime denied permission to carry out the Civic March for Change, scheduled for November 15, assuring that it is an “illegal” demonstration that does not comply with the provisions of the 2019 Constitution, “approved in a referendum by 86.5% of the voters ”.

In a letter sent to the playwright Yunior García Aguilera, Alexis Acosta Silva, Mayor of the Council of the Administration of Old Havana, assured that the call for the march violates Article 45 of the Magna Carta, which states that “the exercise of the rights of people are only limited by the rights of others. Collective security, general welfare, respect for public order, the Constitution and the laws ”.

Likewise, Acosta Silva made reference to article 4 of the constitutional text that defines that “the socialist system that endorses this Constitution is irrevocable”, therefore any action taken against it is illegal.

(Photo: Cubadebate)

“As for the legality, legitimacy is not recognized in the reasons given for the march. The promoters and their public projections, as well as the links of some with subversive organizations or agencies financed by the US government, have the manifest intention of promoting a change in the political system in Cuba. This reaffirms that the announced march, whose organizational scheme is conceived simultaneously for other territories of the country, constitutes a provocation as part of the ‘regime change’ strategy for Cuba, tested in other countries, ”the letter highlights.

In an interview with the official portal Cubadebate, the official indicated that the minutes with the decision had already been delivered to Yunior García Aguilera himself, who is one of the coordinators of the Archipelago Group, the platform that launched the call for the demonstration.

“We notify it as established, in writing, explaining that this march is illegal in this country,” said Acosta Silva.

Last week the Archipelago Group reported that it would advance the Civic March for Change for November 15, five days before the initial convocation (20N), after the Cuban regime announced a day of military exercises for the 18th and 19th, which will culminate with the celebration of Defense Day.

“We decided that the most sensible, most coherent and also firmer option was to bring the date forward and start the march on the 15th,” said García Aguilera. “In other words, if that day the country is willing to open up to international tourism, it must also accept that citizens march in the streets,” the activist commented in an interview offered to CubaNet.

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