This owl escaped from the zoo in New York and is now hunting in Central Park | U.S

flake, a Eurasian eagle owl that lived at the Central Park Zoo in New York, became known after it escaped from the enclosure. The escape happened in early February when the cage where the animal was vandalized.

The owl’s first stop was a shopping center near Fifth Avenue, where it caught the attention of passers-by and escaped the authorities’ capture attempts, writes the magazine. Team. flake remains free, but has decided to settle in Central Park, a few meters from the zoo, and find prey to feed.

“We saw rapid improvement in flying skills and ability to walk confidently through the park,” states the zoo. Having been in captivity for several years, keepers did not believe that the animal could hunt alone, but flake proved that it can survive in the wild.

The zoo also states that it will continue to monitor the animal, but adds that, at this moment, “it does not want to encourage it to leave the place” and that, for the time being, it will not try to capture it.

“We are confident that we will be able to track movement as it continues to explore and expand range,” he told CBS News zoo spokesman Max Pulsinelli.

The official adds that the bird escaped as a result of “a deliberate criminal act” that jeopardized its safety and that the incident is being investigated by the police. flake he will continue to live in Central Park for as long as he wants.

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