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A few years ago they called it “the Bolãno effect”. Latin American authors managed to enter international literary markets from the USA after the phenomenon Roberto Bolãno who, by killing his fathers — that is, all the names connoted with the so-called magical realism that internationalized Latin American literature — managed to impose himself with a totally personal style, different from exoticism, magic, hauntings or supernatural happenings. The void left after the more than consolidation of authors such as Gabriel García Márquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Julio Cortázar was filled. With Bolaño and his detective stories and other intricate analyzes of the human, the revolution was such that authors of Latin American literature in Spanish no longer had to justify belonging or not belonging to the label “magical realism”. They were free to do whatever they wanted and there was a curiosity — especially in the United States — about what was going on in that geography.

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