MIAMI, United States. – The activist and former Cuban political prisoner of the Group of 75 Iván Hernández Carrillo, general secretary of the Association of Cuban Independent Trade Unionists (ASIC), was questioned and threatened on Tuesday by State Security agents.

Shortly after noon today, Hernández Carrillo denounced on Twitter that he had been summoned by a State Security official to appear at 2:00 in the afternoon before the authorities of the Ministry of the Interior.


“It was to announce that they had opened an investigative process against me for an alleged crime of mercenarism,” said the Cuban trade unionist in a telephone conversation with CubaNet. “They were going to find me in the Penal Code how much punishment could correspond to me and I asked them to save that time,” he explained.

The threats against him, Hernández Carrillo explains, are supposedly due to a list of people detained for the 11J demonstrations, which the union member drew up to seek humanitarian aid.

During the interrogation, the former political prisoner, who was sentenced to 25 years of deprivation of liberty during the repressive wave known as Black Spring and later released under extra-criminal leave, was also threatened with the revocation of his sanction. “They told me that they planned to revoke my conviction and take me to jail at any time because I was committing another crime,” he said.

Summons received by Hernández Carrillo this Tuesday (Photo: Courtesy)

Along with the process initiated against him, Hernández Carrillo was also warned that he could not leave the municipality where he resides without authorization (Colón, in the province of Matanzas).

“In order to leave the municipality where I live, I have to request authorization. They also told me that I cannot travel to Havana to hold union meetings, despite the fact that the Committee on Trade Union Freedoms of the International Labor Organization has repeatedly asked the Cuban regime to allow us to meet and allow us to work with complete freedom. ”, Explained the activist.

Just a week ago, Hernández Carrillo assured CubaNet that “acts of intimidation, arrest and police harassment deliberately committed in recent days by the regime against independent trade unionists show that we are in the presence of a much more cruel regime than we thought.”

As a result of the publication of the ASIC report on arrests, harassment and harassment on November 15, as well as in the previous and subsequent sessions, the unionist assured that “the regime must stop with police abuses, arbitrary arrests and raids ”.

For the trade unionist, the repression unleashed by the regime to prevent the Civic March for Change, on November 15, “was a spiral that was increasing since the first days of the month with visits to the houses of trade unionists and others. acts of harassment ”.

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