Three Employees Killed in U.S. Post Office Shooting

Two employees of the Postal Service of USA were shot and killed Tuesday in a firearm attack at a Tennessee post office, authorities said.

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The alleged shooter opened fire on the East Lamar Carrier Annex, en Memphis, and later died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The postal inspector of USASusan Link told reporters that both victims and the shooter were postal service employees. “There is no threat in progress”, Held.

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“The FBI is working on the scene and can confirm that the attacker is one of three employees killed by an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Lisa-Anne Culp, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Memphis field office, said at the same news conference.

An investigation was launched, he anticipated.

Both Link and Culp declined to elaborate on the shooting.

“The Postal Service is saddened by the events that took place in Memphis today,” the institution said in a statement.

“Our thoughts are with the family, friends and co-workers of the people involved.”

Mass shootings and other types of gun violence are huge problems in America. Gun control advocates say they are fueled by the prevalence of firearms and relatively lax gun laws.




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