Tokyo, Jan 15 (EFE).- Three people were injured this Saturday in a knife attack near a university in Tokyo, including two students, on the first day of Selectivity in the Asian country, reported the public network NHK.

The three victims were taken to hospital after receiving cuts to their backs at around 8:30 local time (2330 GMT Friday). Their lives are not in danger, according to police sources, who arrested a 17-year-old man for the attack.

The incident took place at the main campus of the University of Tokyo in the Bunkyo district on the first of two days of extended university entrance exams in Japan.

Two of the injured are high school students, an 18-year-old boy and a girl, who were going to take the exams, according to the National Center for University Access Examinations.

Some 3,700 people are registered to take their tests at the Tokyo center, which went ahead with them despite the event. More than 530,000 people have registered nationally for the tests.

The third victim is a 72-year-old man who was in the compound and was seriously injured.

The suspect in the assault, a student from downtown Nagoya who did not know the victims, was detained at the scene for attempted murder, police said.

The detainee, who had brought one of the knives from his home from his place of residence, would have told the agents that he was not doing well in his studies and intended to “cause an incident and die,” according to the local news agency Kyodo. .

Shortly before the attack, the young man arrested caused a fire in a Todaimae station of the capital’s subway, near the campus, which was extinguished an hour later, according to police investigations.

Today’s is the latest in a series of recent incidents with a knife in the Asian country. Last weekend a man held a restaurant manager at knifepoint for several hours until the man managed to be rescued through the back door, in which case there were no injuries.

Last November, a man dressed as the Joker or Guasón injured 17 people by stabbing several of them and setting fire inside a train in Tokyo on Halloween, after being inspired by an incident that occurred on another railway line in the capital in August. , in which a man injured ten people in another knife attack.

Earlier, two men were stabbed at Ueno station in mid-October in an apparent random attack, and two others were injured after a man sprayed acid on the face of a former acquaintance, also in the capital.

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