Thriller with a Greek lieutenant in Cyprus - The direction & the knife in the heart

The mother of the 29-year-old lieutenant, Vangelis Frangoulis, who was found dead in Cyprus, spoke on the show “Light in the Tunnel”, in mega Greece, about the strange conditions and omissions around his death.

The case – thriller, with the victim being the Greek merchant navy officer, who was born in Poros, was at the center of the show.

Vangelis Frangoulis was found dead on Saturday, October 3, 2020, inside the warehouse he was renting at 10A Iphaistou Street, in Limassol.

His diving knife was nailed to his heart. A few hours before he was having fun with his friends the diploma he got in free diving.

The lieutenant was found dead by his brother, who was looking for him. He was sitting in the antique car he was restoring in the garage-warehouse, in the driver’s seat. His right hand was leaning against the driver’s door as if he were walking, while he was wearing his sunglasses.

A little while earlier, drunk as he was from the party, he went to his friend’s house to ask for explanations because he believed that another man had entered her life.

There are many scenarios for who or who wanted to harm the 29-year-old captain. The crime scene “shows” a well-established setting, which the authorities ignored, as reported.

Instead of thoroughly investigating the crime scene and calling the medical examiner, they rushed to “baptize” the incident as suicide.

“They directed the end of…”
His mother, Nektaria Vlachou, describes what she saw in the garage that fateful day.

There is only one entrance to the space and one could not enter from anywhere else. However, according to her, access there was easy, even without having the keys. As long as he knew where the latch was to open it.

“It is a warehouse that I continue to rent because I hope the police will come, even now to do the proper investigation,” he said. She showed the show-car the antique car in which her 29-year-old son was found dead.

“My child must have been placed in that position, taking care to clean the car. I waited for the medical examiner to come and do an autopsy at the crime scene. From the photos alone he decided that my son committed suicide. “The same medical examiner has been made available and is being charged in another case,” she said, emotionally charged.

She herself proceeded to represent the scene of the crime and emphasized the points – “keys” of the case, which “speak” of murder.


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