Tigre and Alta Gracia, scenes of two new femicides in less than 24 hours

Tigers: They find a young woman murdered in a ditch and her partner is arrested as an alleged femicide

A 27-year-old young woman was found murdered this morning in a ditch in the Buenos Aires town of El Talar, in the Tigre district, and a 38-year-old man who is her partner was arrested for the femicide and confessed to the police that he was the author of the crime when questioned, sources from the investigation reported

The incident was discovered at 9:50 a.m. after a call to 911 that reported the presence of the body of a young woman, at the intersection of 25 de Mayo and Las Violetas streets, in the La Paloma neighborhood of the aforementioned northern suburban town, where still the experts and the police continued to work.


The victim, later identified as Magalí Noelia Gómez (27), an employee of Parque de la Costa, according to police sources, was face down, without shoes and with a bag and ID at her side.

According to the first estimate of the police doctor who attended the scene, Gómez appeared to be strangled and had bruises and defense injuries on her arms, although the reliable causes of death will be known after the autopsy.

A police chief confided to Télam that while the staff of the 6th police station. from El Talar, he was working on the scene, Gómez’s partner and a brother-in-law approached, both crying, because the neighbors had warned them.

“It was established that the girl lived seven blocks away and when we began to ask the couple questions, we noticed with the naked eye that she had scratches,” a police chief who works in the investigation told Télam.

“The man broke down and incriminated himself. He confessed and said that when he took her to work, they argued inside the car, that he killed her and discarded her there,” said the same informant.

The suspect, identified as Agustín Iban Pérez (38), was arrested accused of “aggravated homicide for having mediated gender violence” (femicide), a crime that includes life imprisonment.

Although the first to intervene was the prosecutor on duty in the area, Sebastián Fitipaldi, when the investigation was directed towards a femicide, the case was in charge of his colleague Pablo Menteguiaga, of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) of Gender Violence of Tigre.

The prosecutor was awaiting the report of the experts to determine if the site of the discovery is a secondary crime scene, as is suspected, and the raid on the couple’s home and the hijacking of the suspect’s car was imminent, to see where it was committed. femicide.

Having incriminated himself before police personnel, Pérez’s alleged confession has no judicial value, so it is also expected that the prosecutor Menteguiaga will investigate the accused in the next few hours.

A police officer shot and killed his partner and then committed suicide in Alta Gracia

A police officer shot his partner, a 36-year-old woman employed by the same force, shot to death and later committed suicide in the Cordoba town of Alta Gracia, judicial sources reported.

The Prosecutor of Instruction of that city of the Santa María department, Alejandro Peralta Ottonello, released a press release this afternoon in which he confirmed the death of both people, although he clarified that, for the moment, the cause is labeled as “deaths of doubtful etiology “.

According to the sources, the incident occurred this morning, at an address on Godoy Núñez Street, in the San Martín de Alta Gracia neighborhood, where “neighbors notified police personnel when they heard detonations supposedly from a firearm.”

Then, upon arriving at the place, around 1 o’clock, “the death of a 36-year-old female was found with medical personnel from the emergency service,” while her partner, a 40-year-old policeman, was found dead shortly. then in the La Paloma cemetery, located a few blocks from the house.

The man apparently took his own life in front of his father’s grave, a spokesman for the investigation said.

Staff from the Scientific Cabinet of the Judicial Police and the local Departmental Department worked on the scene.

“Without ruling out any investigation hypothesis, it would appear that it would be a homicide followed by suicide,” said the prosecutor, who pointed out that there would be no antecedents of acts of previous violence.

According to local media, the murdered woman, identified as Carolina Figueroa (36), was an operator of 101 of the Santa María Department and had four or five shots.

While the alleged femicide, Carlos Suárez (40), worked in the city of Córdoba.

For his part, Diego Cambronero, in charge of the Department, told the press that the victim was “a very happy and hard-working person.”

The week there was another similar case that involved a Cordovan policeman, when a 37-year-old officer shot and killed his 34-year-old wife, in front of their children and then committed suicide, in a house in the southwestern town of Silvio Pellico. from the province.

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