WhatsApp and Facebook fell: What to do to continue communicating?

The social network TikTok removed more than 81 million posts from its platform between April and June of this year for violating its community rules, 87.5% of them before they had any views.

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This is clear from the latest report on Compliance with the Standards of the Community of TikTok, relative to the second quarter of 2021, in which the platform reflects its efforts to fight against abusive content and protect its users.

Between April and June, 81,518,334 videos were removed from TikTok worldwide for violating the rules and terms of the platform, which represents less than 1% of all videos uploaded to the social network.

Of these videos, 93% were identified and deleted within 24 hours after their publication and 94.1%, before being reported by a user.

Likewise, 87.5% of the deleted content did not have any visualization, which constitutes an improvement compared to the data of the previous period, when it represented 81.8% of the total.

TikTok continues to make progress in proactively detecting hateful, intimidating and harassing behavior, with 73.3% of such videos removed before anyone reported them, compared to 66.3% in the first quarter.

For their part, 72.9% of videos with hateful behavior were removed before being reported, compared to 67% in the last report. This progress is due to improvements in the proactive marking of hate symbols, words and other signs of abuse for review by security teams.

TikTok It has also hired experts in civil rights, equity and inclusion policies with the aim of improving detection mechanisms.

In addition, the social network has announced new functionalities that it makes available to users, such as an improvement in the configuration to silence comments and questions during live videos.

Now the host or co-host can temporarily mute a viewer for a few seconds or minutes, or for the entire duration of the live video. If an account is muted for a period of time, all comment history for that person will also be deleted.

Live video creators from TikTok they can now also disable comments or filter potentially damaging comments through a keyword selection tool.


Users around the world reported the fall of social networks and communication apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, among others. But what to do to continue communicating? Find out in the next video


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