Instagram Viral Juventus: Miralem Pjanic made a basket with an amazing bicycle

A man was thrown out of a plane. Why? For refusing to put on the mask and thus respecting the airline’s biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a disease the world is still grappling with. The images of this event were published in Tik Tok and it didn’t take long for go viral in this red social.

The incident took place on a flight from United Airlines bound for The Angels, USA, which still had not taken off. The record shows the subject arguing with plane personnel while removing his mask where he began to yell and threaten.

“Who the hell are you talking to? I’ll find your name, date of birth, and address. I’ll know your social security number before I get off this plane. I swear it on my daughter “, you hear him say to irate man.

Not happy with this, the subject, to make his way down the aisle, pushes another passenger, his purpose was head over to the stewardess, where she continued yelling: “What is the law going to do? (…) Take care of your affairs, because I’m going to break your neck “The latter was said when he noticed that other flight personnel were approaching.

A person tore off the cell phone when they noticed that they were recording the scene, but another passenger who caught the same moment found another reaction from the subject: “Now, 3 guys are yelling at me with a death threat”.

After recovering his smartphone, the user continued recording at the subject who was far from calming down: “We are going to jail, because I am the only ‘black’ on this plane who is fit to go to jail”.

Soon, says the user of Tik Tok, the police arrived and escorted the man and his cousin out of the plane.

The video obtained millions of reproductions in the aforementioned social network and user comments were swift: “He’s spitting his germs all over the place”, “Welcome to the list of banned people”.


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Miralem Pjanic hit a basketball hoop with an amazing bike. (Instagram Juventus) null

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