TikTok will reach cars through Mercedes-Benz | Automobiles

Gone are the days when the reveal of a new generation focused on innovative, or at least more powerful, mechanics. In the case of the upcoming E class, presented last week by the Stuttgart brand, the highlight goes to the new architecture of the telematics system which, they assure, allows for a more comprehensive and engaging experience.

For example, there is new Active Ambient Lighting with Sound Visualization, the front passenger can watch dynamic content without it interfering with the driver and the entertainment program allows the installation of third-party applications such as TikTok, the Angry Birds game, Vivaldia browser or the Webex and Zoom applications.

On board there is a camera that allows you to capture selfiesstatic or video — its use is, however, limited: it is only possible to use this functionality to support videoconferencing applications or to use TikTok when the car is stationary.

In terms of comfort, the new Mercedes-Benz E class features a sickness prevention programme, which can relieve typical symptoms and even prevent them from appearing. To do this, it uses various comfort systems that work together: the passenger is instructed to tilt the seat back slightly backwards, the seat cushion is automatically adjusted, the air conditioning intermittently supplies fresh air, Active Ambient Lighting is animated according to the speed, while the audio system and, if necessary, the ionization and air aromatization (an option) are activated.

The new E-class arrives on the market from the summer.

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