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It’s been over 25 years since Amanda Jones took the first picture of a dog. rubyThe labrador retriever from a friend, it was “the muse and the reason” that aroused the interest in this work, he begins by explaining to P3.

“I photographed the ruby throughout her life. So yes, I have images of her when she was older,” she says. And it was as she captured the aging of this dog that she thought of doing the same with the animals of clients who had already passed through the studio — and thus the project was born. dog years.

So far, he has photographed more than five thousand dogs on his trips across the United States and the United Kingdom, from the most well-behaved to those that tore up the scenery in a few seconds, as happened with a German Shepherd. “He was trying to catch the frisbee (disk) with a paw and as soon as he made a tear in the paper he decided to tear it all up. It was hilarious,” recalls Amanda.

During breaks, he publishes books with before and after portraits of the animals. And when she returns for a new photograph, she seeks to show “the essence of dogs” through her gaze and movement and, if possible, replicate the first image she took of them. “Often they don’t stay calm and that makes my job more difficult than when they know ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.”

Katy Koo, Googy, Impy, Tyson, Shumaker It is kaia are some of the dogs pictured in this photo gallery. The white or gray fur betrays advanced age, but the expression remains the same — from the smile to the typical teenage vice of sticking one’s tongue out into the lens.

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