“Time comes after us”, warns (and sings) Homem em Catarse, preparing a new album | Music

It is a theme that is dear to him, that of time, along with places, feelings and landscapes. O Homem em Catarse, alter-ego of the multi-instrumentalist Afonso Dorido, premieres this Thursday Time comes after us, single and music video that foreshadow a new album, still in gestation. And if on topics like Rua do Souto deserted it was already a clock that stood out in a silent beginning, before the first note sounded on the piano, now that clock takes shape, like a ghost that pursues us. “Never like now have we felt time slip away”, reads the text announcing this new single. “At the same time that it manipulates us, that it holds us hostage. When we find ourselves even more coerced by the rush of minutes, we reach the height of having the feeling that it is time that commands and pursues us. We no longer have time on our hands. It is the time that has us.”

The fear is presented as a “reflection of the return to the post-pandemic rush and routines that quickly make us miss everything that takes us beyond mental health”. Pursued by time, with no escape: “Every second seems like it’s too much when you live in a society of boredom and excess of everything, except the time and willingness to live it all.”

Born in Barcelos, in 1982, Afonso Dorido is part of the band unworthyformed in that same city in 2004, having already released, as Homem em Catarse, six albums: the EP man in catharsis (2013) and the albums Kingfisher (2015), inner journey (2017), Man in Catharsis – Live at Porta 253 (2018), without words | hundred words (2020) and Seven Sources (2021).

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