“Time Crime”: Successful true crime podcast is filmed

Four films, four directors

Each film gets its own director: Faraz Shariat (29), Helene Hegemann (31), Mariko Minoguchi (born 1988) and Jan Bonny (44) have been hired. For the screenplays, they sometimes worked with authors, including Raquel Dukpa, Paulina Lorenz, Esther Preußler and Jan Eichberg. “Babylon Berlin” makers Uwe Schrott and Jorgo Narjes are on board as producers.

“I’m very happy that we chose X-Filmer and Paramount+. I’m sure they’ll be able to convey the elaborately researched crime stories of the ‘Zeit’ editorial team – which are the basis for this project – wonderfully into feature films”, Sabine Rückert is quoted as saying in the press release. “Each of the four films follows its very own narrative approach and promises an extraordinary implementation that will not only captivate fans of the podcast,” promise Jorgo Narjes and Uwe Schrott.

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