Pauline Chalamet

Little by little, Timothée Chalamet he has become one of the most important actors of his generation. However, the star of Dune he is far from the only talent in his family. And is that his sister, Paulina Chalamet, also shines by herself.

Who is Pauline Chalamet?

Just a few days ago it was released The Sex Lives of College Girls, a new comedy from HBO Max that is already drawing public attention. However, there is a surname on the list of actresses that quickly caught the eye.

Is about Paulina Chalamet, who is indeed Timothée’s older sister and is also pursuing an acting career. The 29-year-old actress has been acting since I was just a girl, but it’s thanks to her more recent papers that she’s getting attention.

Pauline Chalamet
Pauline Chalamet

In 2020 was part of The King of Staten Island, a flashy black comedy starring Pete Davidson. Although it was a minor role, it helped position her in the industry and take her next big step.

And is that Pauline Chalamet is the protagonist of The Sex Lives of College Girls, where she plays Kimberly, a young student exploring her sexuality while trying to finish his degree. And is that the series focuses on female sexuality in young people who seek their freedom without being ashamed.

Through his Instagram, Timothée has shown his pride and support for his sister’s new project. It should be noted that Pauline Chalamet and her brother are pretty close and she even accompanied him to his first Oscars ceremony.

It should be noted that the two of them are not the only ones in the entertainment world in their family. After all, they are nephews of Rodman Flender, well-known television director (The Office) and an actor who has been working in the industry for many decades.

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