TJ determines eviction of areas invaded by the MST in Bahia

The Court of Justice of Bahia (TJ-BA) determined, on Monday (6), the repossession of areas belonging to the company Suzano Papel e Celulose, in the city of Caravelas, in the extreme south of Bahia. The occupation was carried out by members of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) eight days ago.

In addition to that location, the TJ-BA also ordered the eviction of the farm in Teixeira de Freitas and, on February 28, Mucuri – under penalty of 5,000 per day in case of non-compliance and use of police force, if necessary.

According to the MST, the occupations are intended to denounce the company’s activities in the region and also demand an agreement signed in 2015, which was not fulfilled. There are no details of what that agreement would be.

Still according to the movement, the structure with tarpaulin, barracks, kitchen and health care sector were set up in the camps. Since arriving in the areas, the campers have cut down eucalyptus trees and, after removal, have planted native and fruit trees, such as mango and guava trees.

Vacancy in Jacobina

After a confrontation with landowners and people from the community, MST members vacated, on Friday (3), the Limoeiro Farm – located in the rural area of ​​Itaitu, in Jacobina, in the north of Bahia.

The Military Police (PM) was triggered and fired rubber bullets to contain the confusion. According to information from g1 Bahia, during the action, the Members’ tents were destroyed. The occupation began on February 27, with the justification that the 1,700 hectares of the property would be unproductive.

Speaking to g1, the MST classified the action as violent and that people’s lives were at risk. The movement also informed that the farm has been abandoned for over 15 years.

In a note, the Military Police informed that the police were called to comply with a writ of repossession of the farm. The PM allegedly mediated the conflict and the land invaders left spontaneously. Corporation garrisons remain in place.

understand the action

MST members invaded company areas in Caravelas, Teixeira de Freitas and Mucuri, in the early hours of February 27. In a note, Suzano Papel e Celulose informed that it does not see legality in the invasion, that the other actions are under analysis and the company expects to receive the same determination of repossession in the coming days.

Suzano assured that it generates approximately seven thousand direct jobs in the region, more than 20 thousand indirect jobs and benefits around 37 thousand people through the income effect.

According to MST representatives, the action began with 1,550 people and the objective was to denounce the growth of monocultures in the region, such as eucalyptus. According to them, the plantation has provoked rural exodus and caused water problems.

Also in a note, Suzano reported that it fully complies with environmental and labor legislation in the areas where it maintains operations. The company recognizes the relevance of its presence in the areas where it operates and reinforces its commitment to maintain an open and transparent dialogue, in a friendly and balanced manner.

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