To curb inflation, the Government seeks to freeze the prices of 900 products for 90 days

The Government seeks to provide price freezes 900 products for 90 days to curb the inflation. The measure was known after the meeting of the Secretary of Internal Trade Roberto Feletti with manufacturers of food and consumer products. could know that the official asked the executives that there is no upload until next January 7.

This is Feletti’s first activity as Secretary of Commerce, where he came to replace Paula Spanish. The request for a price freeze came a day before the September consumer price index was released, which would be 2,8%. In this way, the downward trend of the increase in the cost of living, which last month was 2.5%, would be cut.

Prior to meeting the owner of the supermarket chain Walmart Francisco de Narváez considered that “the maximum prices never worked, just for a little while.” He mentioned that in the meeting with the president Alberto Fernandez at Casa Rosada with executives they talked about inflation, among other axes, and that the president “said it was a problem of fiscal cost,” in statements to radio Miter.

The IMF improved its growth outlook for Argentina in 2021, but warned that inflation “has no anchor”

On Tuesday the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its updated estimates of the world economy. In the case of Argentina, it improved its forecasts, since it expects that the local GDP increase 7.5% this year. Although the chief economist and director of the Department of Studies of the multilateral organization Gita Gopinath warned that “inflation expectations they are unmoored, partly because of the dependence on monetary financing in Argentina ”.

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