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Palheta – Robertos e Marionetas Festival
March 3rd to 5th

The art of “doll-making” is once again invading island. The sixth edition of Palheta begins by saying Never with Marionetas do Porto and ends up discovering, coming from the other side of the border, the Mystery of the Christ of the Gascones with Nao D’Amores.

In between, he will be entitled to the national premiere of Altarpiece by Don Cristóbal (also from the Spanish group), to the Arabesque that Red Cloud created for the festival, the theater by robertos da Mandrágo, the Conveyors from Radar 360º, to puppet workshops and to Roberto Gigantes’ streets.

The price goes up to €4 at most, with some activities being free of charge. The detailed program can be consulted here.


Pedra Doce – Poética de Cora Coralina
March 3, 7 and 11

The City of Niterói Ballet Company crosses the Atlantic to pay homage to one of the most important Brazilian writers: Cora Coralina (1889-1985). It is her poetry that commands the choreography, because Fran Mello, the artistic director, wanted to “relate Cora’s writing, her impulses and needs in writing, with the dancers’ bodies when reading (or listening to) her poems”, reveals the synopsis.

The title evokes the confectioners from Goiás, Coralina’s birthplace — a memory also felt at the moment when “in the audience, the public will be infected by the aroma of the coconut candy made on stage”.

The show, for people over six years old, is danced in Torres Vedras on March 3rd (at Teatro-Cine, €5), Braga on the 7th (at Espaço Vita, with free entry) and Alcobaça on the 11th (at the Cine-Teatro; €8), always at 9.30 pm.

Pedra Doce – Poética de Cora Coralina


March 3rd to 5th

Ampla is a film exhibition committed to showing the “best films from the best national festivals”, in a kind of condensation of the awarded works, in 2022, at Curtas Vila do Conde, IndieLisboa, Motelx and Monstra.

Generically aimed at those over 12 years old, it keeps a segment just for the youngest (over six), based on the children’s and youth sections of these events. The selection includes themes such as fear or imagination and characters such as astro-zombies or a postman who delivers feelings.

Children’s short sessions take place at Culturgest, in Lisbon, at 10:30 am on Friday (for schools) and at 11:30 am (for families), for €4 (€2 for children under 18). All films are dubbed or spoken in Portuguese and the poster is available here.


Night at the Museum
March 1st to September 30th

When the last visitor leaves, the adventure begins. Imagine yourself a mixture of the sagas At Night at the Museum It is Jurassic Park, with the difference that the dinosaurs won’t come to life or want to eat us for breakfast. But they will be on the prowl.

The idea is to stay overnight tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and other prehistoric giants (on a real scale) that are in the Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Centro Ciência Viva de Lisbonto inhabit the exhibition Dinosaurs – Return of the Giantswith the seal of the Museum of Lourinhã.

Flashlight in hand and curiosity alight, aspiring paleontologists (ages 6 to 15) will travel to Earth’s past, learn to study ancient species and find out more about fossils. Afterwards, they tuck themselves into the sleeping bag and stay there to sleep and dream.

The experience calendar includes sessions for school groups and also for families. In the first case, they happen weekly, from Thursday to Friday; in the second, from Saturday to Sunday, on specific dates (the next one is March 11th). Participation costs €50 per person. More information here.

All aboard!
March 4th

Hugo Inácio is the leader of this physical theater workshop in which participants are challenged to play the game of navigating an imaginary boat. They go out to sea, between waves and strong winds, and it is necessary “to balance the balance of the boat, so that no one falls and has to be rescued by some brave sailor who doesn’t mind soaking the beautiful clothes that his parents gave him”, defies the summons.

The order to come on board is given by the Saturdays for Children of the Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo, in Coimbra. The trip is scheduled for Saturday at 10:30 am. It is aimed at sailors from six to 12 years old and costs €10 (information and reservations here).

March 4th

The day’s workshop has trainer Philippe Martins in charge of a collective creation work around the gamelan, a traditional instrument from Java (Indonesia) and “a symbol of union between young and old, musicians and non-musicians”, reads in the invitation.

It takes place on Saturday at 10:30 am at Casa da Música do Harborwith entry at €6 and rated for people over six years old.


Shakespeare Cycle
March 1st to 19th

Hamlet it’s me or a play to discover (and distract from) Shakespeare. Cheese and guava transformed into an “excellent and regrettable dessert”. It is a bully called MacBad in a game where the spectator is a gamer. The Teatro Praga trilogy is at the center of a whole cycle that Lu.Ca – Teatro Luís de Camões (Lisbon) dedicates to the English playwright.

The theater is joined by a performative conference “of tiktokian inspiration”, training To Be Shakespeare or Not to Be Shakespeare – That’s the Question (both by Praga) and the exhibition Word Collection by the collective VivóEusébio.

Tickets for the plays range from €3 to €7; the remaining activities have free admission. The complete alignment is here.

WilliamShakeskKkKKkka performative conference

March 5th

“Alpindo and Boleta are two bagpiper friends who are also pantomime players”, for whom “life is gardening and a constant journey”. They are the protagonists of this piece full of stories, invented words and germinated ideas, always with a musical flavor. Written by Abel Neves and staged by Paulo Duarte, it is a production by Teatro do Montemuro.

This Sunday, at 11 am, it will go to Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda, in Viana do Castelo. Kids (over six years old) are invited to arrive early to recognize the stage and stay for a post-show conversation. Entrance costs €4.

Teatro do Montemuro

An Idea of ​​Justice
March 7th to 11th

A series of questions are brought to the table, before guests in “special chairs” that so welcome “those with long legs, those who cannot sit still, those who always come and those who are not usually invited”. When a platter of fruit arrives, who gets the first piece?

Freedom, equity, inclusion and diversity are notions articulated by the play written by Isabel Minhós Martins and directed by Joana Providência. It debuts with the purpose of being “a show for children, but also for everyone”, as it raises “questions about rights and duties” and asserts itself as “a tool for building the notion of justice”.

Aimed at people over six years of age, it is on stage at Teatro Carlos Alberto, in Harbor, at 11 am on Tuesday and Wednesday, at 3 pm on Thursday and Friday and at 7 pm on Saturday. The ticket price is €10, halving for children under 12 years old.

An Idea of ​​Justice
João Tuna

March 4th

The ancient Arab legend that tells the fantastic story of Aladdin, a boy who discovers a magic lamp where a genie lives who grants him three wishes, is transformed into a musical written and staged by Miguel Ruivo Duarte. Among other surprises, viewers should prepare for “a new and unexpected love story” that involves the revelation of “the cute secret of the evil Jafar”, the synopsis stirs.

The show, which has been on the road since the end of February, takes place at Casa da Cultura Jaime Lobo e Silva, in Ericeirathis Saturday, at 11am and 4pm, with tickets costing €10.

Next stops on the flying carpet: Braga (March 5th, at the Altice Forum), Portalegre (14th and 15th, at the Center for Arts and Shows), Santa Maria da Feira (on the 27th, at Europarque) and beja (30th and 31st, at Teatro Pax Júlia). In April, head to portimao for the Rituals Kids Fest (8th) and Teatro Sá da Bandeira, in Harbor (30th).

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