"To win you have to score, we did not"

Dusan Kerkez appeared in the press conference disappointed with the result of AEL in Makareio against Doxa.

“We definitely wanted to win, but we did not play so well to win, more in the first part, in the second we played better, but we knew it was a difficult game and a difficult home. We know that continuity is difficult, but we must continue.

In order to win you have to score, we did not do it and we did not win. The effort was good, it could have been better. We are a great team, there is always pressure, it is not something new for me or the team. With a good game and result the psychology will change.

There is definitely a psychology issue, it is not easy to change overnight, with one victory many things will change. I am sure that goals and victories will come. “Due to the good performance of Doxa in defense, we knew that a goal here would mean victory, but we did not achieve it”, commented the coach of the Limassol club.

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