Today In Rich Celebs Are Bored: Kim Kardashian’s Lamborghini Wrapped in “Cozy” SKIMS Fabric

This is disgusting. The mold, the bugs, the instant tan interior it’s going to have once any of them sit in it due to the body makeup rubbing off..

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Is this why she failed the bar? Been busy gallivanting in a fluffy car

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I legit do not understand how people are fans of anyone in this family.

i’m kinda cold atm so imagining laying down on that soft, fluffy, and warm fabric with the sun beaming down on me has me feeling less inclined to drag her rn

solar power <3<3

this is gross on multiple levels

Christ. Get the guillotine.

I think I have a higher tolerance for gross displays of wealth than some people, but I saw this last night and it really disgusted me

What kind of boogie nonsense would ya’ll do with this kind of money?

I’d turn into the rich lady with all the wigs. For sure.

I’d have a lot of purses. Or different eyeglasses that I’d have for different outfits or for every day of the week. The sam with prescription sunglasses.

And I’m a woman who’s not normally into shoes, but I see some tempting ones now and then.

That fabric looks cheap as fuck

It looks like it’s one step away from some velour type track suit material.

At least wait until we’re going into fall instead of summer. She can’t do anything right.

I really really hate the person who came up with the idea of giving these people a spot on television.


can the blame begin with ray j?

I kept reading SKIMS as SKIN.


shapeshifters? in my kardashian klan? it’s more likely than you think!

Remember after Paris when she said that from now on, material things weren’t as important anymore?

That was until people stopped paying attention to her the past year

Eat the rich


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