Mikhail Lermontov lived only 26 years, but managed to become a classic of Russian literature.  Photo: Photobank Lori

Mikhail Lermontov lived only 26 years, but managed to become a classic of Russian literature. Photo: Photobank Lori

Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov created an impeccable object of love for all romantically inclined young ladies. A man that women really want to tame. They think they can reeducate. They think they love. Yes Yes. Pechorin. Eternal Pechorin. What was Lermontov himself, one can only guess. So let’s tell fortunes.


He was born in Moscow in October 1814. In France, Russian troops have already climbed Montmartre, Napoleon abdicated power. Somewhere in Venezuela, the troops of Simon Bolivar were defeated, and the British, having captured Washington, burned down the White House. Josephine, Bonaparte’s first wife, died in May, and the Marquis de Sade died in December. The events of one year that influenced the history of the world, while the Lermontov family was waiting for the heir and nursed the miracle that appeared.

Biographers write that the miracle was born in Moscow only because the baby’s dad “stepped on the throat” of his own mother-in-law – Elizaveta Alekseevna Arsenyeva, a domineering woman. Her husband – Lermontov’s grandfather – drank the poison. He (grandfather) cheated on his wife with a neighbor, but he was not afraid of his wife, but at the moment when the neighbor’s husband was about to return from an army campaign, he could not stand it. Elizaveta Alekseevna said that “a dog’s death is a dog,” and no longer welcomed men, including Yuri Lermontov, the father of the future poet. And then her only daughter ran to get married, not even reaching seventeen.

She made her grandson be named after Mikhail, her ex-husband. This is how Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov appeared. And Marya Mikhailovna Lermontova, mother, died in February 1817. From consumption. Her son was not yet three years old.


The domestic squabbles that followed would have become a reason to make a program today: “Mother-in-law against son-in-law – who has the right to raise a child? Can a widower provide a future for his son? The grandmother accuses the unfaithful husband of her deceased daughter “…

And it was so. And amid this absolute vulgarity, a man grew up who, in his 26 years of existence before the ill-fated duel with Martynov, wrote a huge number of lines, albeit not always well-known. For example, the boy Misha is 17 years old, 1831. And the boy writes:

Cup of life

We drink from the cup of being

With closed eyes

Gold wetting the edges

With your own tears;

When before death from the eyes

The tie falls

And everything that seduced us

With a drawstring disappears;

Then we see that it is empty

There was a golden bowl

That there was a drink in it –


And that she is not ours!


Disappointment with what is happening around – yes, this is Lermontov. But in order to be disappointed, you have to dream? It was, it was. But the girls failed.

There was such a young lady, Ekaterina Sushkova. She boasted very much that she gave Lermontov a pie, and there was sawdust in the filling. Lermontova was described as a clumsy clubfoot boy with red but intelligent expressive eyes. Here we all breathe out: at least smart?

Lermontov took revenge, and it’s scary. He stupidly fell in love with her, and then abandoned her. In addition, he sent the girl an anonymous letter to himself in order to tear something up while she was experiencing the sensations of a handshake. And he also wrote the novel “Princess Ligovskaya” about this. The novel is not finished, but Pechorin appears there for the first time. Georges. Officials are knocked down on a sleigh, just driving around St. Petersburg. A prequel to A Hero of Our Time? Yes. But Princess Ligovskaya was not Catherine. Then Lermontov wrote: “She made the heart of the child suffer, and I only tortured the pride of the old coquette.”

“History has now been enriched by a new class of very cute and beautiful creatures – namely, the class of women without a heart,” writes Lermontov. And is it worth then to think that he will spare some princess Mary? Whom did he spare, if we talk about women?


Lermontov gained fame after the death of Pushkin. But The Death of a Poet is not an accidental poem. When Pushkin was killed, Lermontov was ill. And, here’s a coincidence – the same doctor came to Lermontov, who eased the suffering of Alexander Sergeevich after the duel. Nikolay Arendt. He told the patient the details of the duel. Then there was the poem “Death of a Poet”, and Lermontov was sent to the Caucasus. My grandmother helped, but the grandson was in Russia more than a poet. And, even after returning after the first exile, he continued his own struggle. He challenged the son of the French ambassador to a duel, fought with swords. The blade broke, everyone switched to pistols. The Frenchman missed, Lermontov shot to the side. And again I got to the Caucasus. For a duel. This was the first duel, and the second, alas, was fatal.


“Gentlemen, the one who could replace Pushkin for us was killed,” said Nikolai the First, upon learning of Lermontov’s death. Although there is evidence that at first he, like the poet’s grandmother on another occasion, uttered a phrase about a dog and a dog’s death. But this is so, for their own. There are case materials: how and why someone Nikolai Martynov shot Lermontov in Pyatigorsk. Nikolai Martynov dressed in a Circassian costume, and Lermontov laughed at this. Like Pechorin, he laughed at the look with which Grushnitsky wore his soldier’s greatcoat. Pechorin killed Grushnitsky (youth, sorry for the spoiler), and Lermontov, it turns out, was killed by this very Grushnitsky. Well, yes, Martynov. But how similar!

In Princess Ligovskaya they see the beloved of the poet Varvara Lopukhina.

In Princess Ligovskaya they see the beloved of the poet Varvara Lopukhina.

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“Princess Ligovskaya”

Quotes from an unfinished novel.

“Veterans of secular glory, like all other veterans, are the most pitiful creatures.”

“He began to comprehend that, according to the fundamental laws of society, the mind is not supposed to be in a dancing gentleman.”

About taking out to balls:

“Seventeen years old freezing point; they stretch as much as you like, like rubber bands. “

“It should be noted that the charm of pallor and thinness exists only in the female imagination and that the local men indulge their opinion only out of pleasing, in order to somehow reject reproaches for impoliteness and the so-called” barracks “.”

“Women in our barbaric age have lost half their former universal influence. Falling in love seems to be a shame, it’s funny to talk about it ”.

“It’s sad, but I must admit that the purest love is half mixed with pride.”

“They were a shy crowd of spectators surrounded by brilliant quadrille and ate ice cream, ate ice cream terribly.” (Readers, go “horrible” to eat ice cream, whatever that means!).

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