There will be no teaching in public educational centers this Wednesday because the elections are held in the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), since the schools function as a voting center at the national level.

Although the National Electoral Commission assures that extraordinary efforts have been made to organize a transparent, equitable, democratic and participatory process, with equal opportunities for all, it called a press conference mid-morning during the election process.

The Superior Administrative Court (TSA) heard yesterday afternoon an appeal that sought that the ADP elections be suspended, because retired and retired teachers were not allowed to vote.

The appeal was filed by the Independent Movements Unit teaching force, which nominates René Vásquez.

However, the ADP Electoral Commission announced that all active, retired and retired teachers will be able to vote in the elections.

Given the presumption that the TSA would rule against the appeal, lawyer Aurelio Moreta Valenzuela announced that they had decided to withdraw the plate. They complained that the court would be biased by antecedents that others that they have taken.

Intense activism

In the last hours, meetings, direct contacts and other actions at the national level were activated, in which provincial and national leaders of the Modern Revolutionary Party and of the Dominican Liberation and their allies participate, in order that teachers go en masse to vote for the candidates they run.

Radhamés Camacho, national coordinator of the Eugenio María de Hostos teacher movement and former president of the ADP, called on educators in the country to attend the voting centers early.

“It is that this union has filled pages of glory in the history of Dominican education and its recovery is required to overcome the inertia of recent years,” said Camacho, who assured that Eduardo Hidalgo will win the elections.

The magisterial representatives of the PRM, PRD, PLD and FP have traveled throughout the national territory to promote their candidates, among the more than 120 thousand active teachers, pensioners and retirees who are summoned for said elections.

The vice president of the entity, Juan Núñez, heads the coalition that will face Eduardo Hidalgo, although each teacher current will run with its own candidates and separately and in the end their votes will be added.

The current head of the organization, Xiomara Guante, of the current José Francisco Peña Gómez; Tomás Pichardo, from the Magisterial Force; Minier Pérez de la Pedro Mir and Maricela Fernández, from Salomé Ureña, will head the ballots of their respective groups within the ADP.

The current secretary general of the union, Primitiva Medina, also aspires and goes without alliances.

“We are the guarantee that the teacher protests when circumstances demand it, but also the guarantee that the union makes proposals that benefit teachers and impact the quality of education,” said Medina.

110 thousand eligible to vote

In the ADP elections, suffrage will be carried out by universal vote and separate ballots for the national and municipal levels. They will be held simultaneously in schools in all sections, from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. For the event, biosecurity measures will be applied to avoid possible COVID-19 infections. 110,000 active, retired and retired teachers will have the right to vote in more than 300 tables distributed in the 155 sections that the union has throughout the country.

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