He defended the candidacies for national deputies of Santilli in the province of Buenos Aires and Vidal in the city.

The proposal made by Lareta reached Congress with the signature of JxC deputies.

The proposal of several leaders of Together for Change to refloat the proposal of the head of the porteo government, Horacio Rodrguez Larreta, for eliminate indemnities, January this Wednesday strong rejection of legislators of the ruling party, who questioned the initiative and warned that the measure only benefits employers and will not create new jobs.

It is a new initiative promoted by deputies of Together for Change, led by Hctor Stefani (PRO), which proposes modifying the traditional compensation system to create the Indemnity Guarantee Insurance (SGI) for eventual job losses or cessation of activities.

The proposal is in addition to the proposal made in the last days of the campaign for the PASO developed last Sunday by Rodrguez Larreta, who raised the need to eliminate severance pay to move towards a “insurance system”, as it is already used in the construction trade, as he said.

They propose to modify the traditional compensation system to create the Indemnity Guarantee Insurance

In any case, the initiative that entered the lower house in the last hours must be debated by the Labor Legislation committees, chaired by Vanesa Siley (Frente de Todos) and Budget, led by Carlos Heller, before arriving. to the enclosure.

The project seeks to institute the Indemnity Guarantee Insurance (SIG) as an instrument and capitalization fund “that allows to compensate with monthly remunerations to the workers in relation of dependency in case of possible dismissals or cessation of activities according to the number of years of contributions to the same by the workers in equivalence with their years of seniority”.

The text bears the signatures of the PRO deputies, Omar de Marchi; Francisco Snchez; Pablo Torello; Alfredo Schiavoni; Fernando Iglesias; Jorge Enriquez and Camila Crescimbeni and the radical Federico Zamarbide.

Rodríguez Larreta raised the need to eliminate severance pay to go towards a "insurance system", as is already used in the construction trade, he said.  Photo: Raúl Ferrari.

Rodrguez Larreta raised the need to eliminate severance pay in order to move towards a “insurance system”, as it is already used in the construction trade, he said. Photo: Ral Ferrari.

The reactions

The opposition front’s proposal was flatly rejected by Siley, where the text was rotated, which warned that “Since the removal of rights was signed, no new jobs were created”.

Vanesa Siley

Vanesa Siley

Siley further emphasized that, on the contrary, in these governments “An economic model was applied that destroyed domestic consumption, the domestic market and SMEs, which are the main providers of employment.

“It is a speculative model that destroys work, which always comes hand in hand with taking away rights as it was in the government of (Mauricio) Macri”he said about it.

In statements to Tlam, the national deputy of the FDT recalled that the governments of Nstor and Cristina Kirchner were “those that have generated the most labor rights since the beginning of democracy”.

Gisela Marziotta

Gisela Marziotta

In that same line, the national deputy Gisela Marziotta assured that the Frente de Todos “will never accompany a project of these characteristics because it clearly goes against their proposals”.

“We want and carry out a country project that basically contemplates the care of work and workers”, plants

“That is why we instituted double compensation, precisely at a delicate moment in the country, to care for and give certainty to workers that goes against this project of the PRO deputy, which is only to care for and benefit employers to the detriment of workers.”, says Marziotta to Tlam.

Hugo yasky

Hugo yasky

For him national deputy and candidate for re-election for the Frente de Todos (FdT), Hugo Yasky, the proposal promoted by Together for Change is “worrying” because it would cause the worker not to have “legal security” e “would prevent me from having foresight”.

“Who is going to give a credit to a worker who does not know how long he can be in a job?”Yasky said, when asked in radio statements about the proposal promoted along the same lines by Senator Martin Lousteau (JXC).

Lousteau’s proposal establishes the creation of a “national fund for termination of employment” from which, in the event of dismissal, the worker will collect insurance equivalent to one salary per year worked.

Also, and in full campaign for the PASO, the candidate for deputy of JXC, Ricardo López Murphy, had highlighted the need to generate “a new employment contract that preserves the logic of resources and funds for the worker but does not generate litigation. A number of people eat from litigation and that is not healthy for the Argentine productive system”.

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