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Highlights in their performances at State 2021, players return to Gavião Carcará after stints at Cruzeiro and Vasco

Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Daniel Amorim, forward for Tombense
Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF – Daniel Amorim, forward for Tombense

Less than a year later, Keke and Daniel Amorim are together once again at Tombense. The attack duo had their return confirmed this Friday (14th) and now they will have another opportunity to repeat their good performance in the 2021 state championship. On this occasion both also played in the Brazilian Series B in 2021. Keké for Cruzeiro and Daniel Amorim for Vasco.

Now, Tombense will play this year Campeonato Mineiro, Copa do Brasil and Série B of the Brasileirão. Last season Keké (with six goals) and Daniel Amorim (with five) had a marked presence among the top scorers of the State with the shirt of Tombense. The two were behind only Rodolfo, from América-MG, who was the top scorer with seven goals.

On his return to Tombense, Daniel Amorim, top scorer in the club’s history, with 36 goals, made no attempt to hide his excitement. “Happy to be back, everyone knows that this is my home, I really like the club, the professionals, the president. And also very motivated, the club has been evolving, it’s already in Serie B this year and it won’t stop. May 2022 be even more special than my 2021 was”, he concluded.

Gavião Carcará faces Vilavelhense-ES, at 4 pm, at Soares de Azevedo stadium, in the city of Muriaé-MG. The team’s official debut for the season will be for the Campeonato Mineiro. On January 26, the club from Tombos receives Pouso Alegre, at 3 pm, at the Almeidão stadium, for the first round of the State Championship. The duel will also be worth the title of the Recopa do Interior.

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