Toninho Ferragutti blindly evaluates Ronison Borba's album – Música em Letras

Música em Letras invited Toninho Ferragutti, 62, composer, arranger, teacher and accordionist, to participate in the Sem Noção series (see previous posts), which performs blind auditions of newly released records in the Brazilian market.

The CD “Instantes”, by accordionist Ronison Borba, was chosen for the audition held at Ferragutti’s house, who is launching a course for intermediate and advanced level accordion musicians.

Gaucho, accordionist Ronison Borba lives in Portugal. Graduated in music from the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) and bachelor’s degree in accordion from the Superior School of Applied Arts, in Castelo Branco, Portugal. “Instantes” features ten tracks with contemporary songs written for the instrument.

Cover of the album ‘Instantes’, by Ronison Borba (Photo: Carlos Bozzo Junior/Folhapress)

“Instantes”, which was recorded at Porta da Toca Estúdio, in December 2020, had musical production, mixing and mastering by Pedrinho Figueiredo; interpretive guidance by Paulo Jorge Ferreira; sound engineering by Bruno Klein; photo clicked by Fábio Zambom; graphic design by Emily Borguetti; and executive production by Mauricio Horn e Cia Ltda.

Recognized as one of the most important Brazilian accordionists, Toninho Ferragutti has accumulated more than 40 years of solid career and 15 recorded albums. The artist recently released the CD “De Sol a Sol” on the Sesc label (read more at -a-sol/), is preparing an album with saxophonist Nailor Proveta, has resumed classroom classes at EMESP, an institution where he teaches accordion as a group practice teacher and is promoting the “Mechanism” course. “I’m launching the first module of this course, which is aimed at the technical preparation of intermediate and advanced level accordion musicians. There are 12 classes with four well-recorded hours, material available in PDF and 24 studies composed especially for this module”, said the musician who offers more information about the course on his Facebook page or Instagram.

Read below the impressions and reviews of the album “Instantes”, by accordionist Ronison Borba, made by Toninho Ferragutti exclusively for Música em Letras.

Accordionist Toninho Ferragutti listening exclusively for Música em Letras to the CD ‘Instantes’, by Ronison Borba (Photo: Carlos Bozzo Junior/Folhapress)


FAIXA 1 – “Passacaglia”, de Jürgen Ganzer

“I liked. It looks like a composition, but it can also be an improvisation in C minor. It must be a chromatic accordion, exploring various textures. Liked it.”

TRACK 2 – “Romance”, by Franck Angelis

“I still like it. Beautiful. funny i can’t find [o intérprete] because she doesn’t have any regionality, she seems to be a European accordionist. Very beautiful and in very good taste. Very cool.”

FAIXA 3 – “Without A Title Op.72”, by Paul Rovsing Olsen

“I liked it too, this track is close to track number one exploring textures, the antagonisms of the high and the super bass. It can either be a contemporary written composition or a long improvisation, but with beauty.”

FAIXA 4 – “Sonata nº1”, de Gennady Banshikov


“This track is also beautiful, once again exploring the bass by playing several notes together, using some counterpoints with backward movement, with a rhythmic cell that permeated the entire piece. I still don’t know if it’s an improvisation using these possibilities of the instrument, exploring antagonistic regions, but beautiful and in good taste.”

TRACK 5 – “Andante”

“In this track he makes use of a continuous melody, exploring the regions of the instrument. These are continuous flow ideas. You see ideas and not repeating parts. They are continuous flow compositions where the instrument is explored with some ideas and not a composition with parts A, B and C. This makes it continue to approach a long improvisation, making use of some possibilities. In this one he explores more melodies that walk in a similar rhythmic division. Beautiful.”

TRACK 6 – “Alive”

“He’s still in the same tune, right? It is now exploring different dynamics as well, using ‘cluster’ [notas tocadas juntas], but close to other continuous flow ideas that approach a great improvisation, using very beautiful timbres, with beautiful bass .”

RANGE 7 –Like a Water Buffalo”, de Yuji Takahashi

“More of the same, with the ideas being explored through the different regions of the instrument, with beautiful timbres. The beauty continues, but with a certain proximity to what has already been presented.”

FAIXA 8 – “Revelation”, by Sergey Voytenko

“On this track he approaches an idea of ​​a more traditional song, but following the [esquema] previous. The impression I have is that each track he determined would have a mood, for example, close to a serenade. It’s still beautiful.”

TRACK 9 – “Soluços”, by Paulo Jorge Ferreira

“A busier, more virtuous track, which gives it a little edge over the others.”

BAND 10 – “Caprice nº1”, by Viatcheslav Semyonov

“This is the track I liked the most. Have virtuous ideas using bellows repetitions. Very cool and beautiful. Very well executed.”



“Very good”


“Very good.”


“Very good.”


“Very good.”


“Very good.”


“Very good.”




“I don’t know who is playing. My impression of this record is good. Of course it is a solo accordion based on a series of compositions that are closest to improvised, chamber, contemporary music. It’s a bit of the same and it makes me a little tired to listen to it, but it’s very well executed, the tones are beautiful. Very good.”


After the blind audition, the interpreter and authors of the songs were revealed to Toninho Ferragutti, as well as all other information about the CD, its participants, technical file, cover and booklet.

Faced with the revelations, Ferragutti added: “Interesting, as I thought it was improvised music, but now knowing that it is written music…Boy, this is a first-rate thing, right? It’s very good, with a repertoire made up of very similar conceptions. But it could very well be improvisations on themes. As if the musician arrived in the studio and had said: ‘Let’s make the first track thinking about an ascending scale, with counterpoint’. On the second track, with another subjective idea, but developed in the studio. However, when it comes to written music, it is absurdly well executed”.

Asked if there is a market place for this album, Ferragutti replied: “It has to be, right?”

Did Toninho Ferragutti like the choice of the album “Instantes” to be evaluated by him? “I liked it, yes. But once again I want to say that between the tracks, the feeling is that there is a song with the same conception, but that’s because it’s a solo accordion too, because there comes a time when the same instrument is playing. It’s very beautiful, with wonderful timbres, very well captured and executed, but with a certain homogeneity in the choice of repertoire, which is nice, but gives the feeling of more of the same.”

Toninho Ferragutti (Photo: Carlos Bozzo Junior/Folhapress)


“Very good.”


ARTISTA Ronison Borba


HOW MUCH BRL 30 on average

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