Too Hot To Handle: Germany Rules: Food is overrated. German too

7. In this world, people have the feeling that love of her life to have lost after hanging out with that person for what feels like five minutes – and in no way! – were. Consequently, falling in love also happens in no time at all: it’s done after just one kiss.

8th. profundity used very lightly in the Too Hot To Handle universe. What is understood here as “deep” conversation is small talk… for literally everyone else in this multiverse.

9. The man of life (whom you have known for five minutes because: see point 7) is praised because he opens up. One is happy because you know each other now – without knowing even the smallest mini-detail about the private life, the family situation or the professional life of the other.

10. Practical: Really all inner demons are defeated after a two-hour workshop and you are a different person. personal development has never been so easy.

11. The “Too Hot To Handle” contestants are the only reality TV contestants in the entire multiverse who don’t know which show they’re actually on actually participate. (And yes, *NATURALLY* it really is…)

12. The be-all and end-all of surviving in the Too Hot To Handle world: Shuffle with yours Anglicisms a few German language words. But be careful: please don’t overdo it!

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