Top in Europe: How the Capitals defend the Kagran Fortress

When the Vienna Capitals receive HCB Südtirol on Friday, they have an impressive record to show. First, the Viennese win 80 percent of their home games and are thus at the top of the ICE Hockey League, but the second is even more interesting: In the 15 games in Kagran, the Capitals only received 26 goals. That makes an average of 1.73. That is a top figure internationally. In Europe, the Viennese are in ninth place with this value. For comparison: number one is Bruleurs from the French league with 1.462. From Switzerland the best team is Davos with 1,889, in Germany it’s Mannheim with 2,167.

For Capitals coach Dave Barr, the home strength has various reasons: “My players do it as best as possible to deprive our opponents of their respective strengths and to keep the puck out of the danger zone. And then there is the goalkeeping performance. ”

Sacrifice and attrition

It takes tremendous effort, or sacrifice, as Barr puts it, to defend successfully. “Defense is hard work, sacrificing everything you have at your disposal. The fact that we are doing so well defensively – also in a European comparison – is largely due to our blocked shots. When an opponent finds a good chance and you block this shot, then you wear it down mentally too. “

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