tourism resisted in 2021 thanks to its museums, its lodgings, its development

Is there life despite the Covid? Yes, answers the City of Mons in a press release at the time of its tourist and cultural report. As proof, she puts forward the attendance figures for Mons museums, up compared to 2019: “Lhe Museum center closes 2021 with 152,000 visitors, compared to 85,000 in 2020 (museums closed for several months) and 136,000 in 2019 (year without Covid)“. A success largely due to the success of the flagship exhibition “Fernando Botero. Beyond the shapes“.

But elsewhere in the province, other museums have also benefited from a Covid effect, favored as they were to be able to remain open when other demonstrations were prohibited. “There was no Doudou, just as there was no Ducasse d’Ath… but the Athois were numerous at the Maison des Géants“, Explain François-Xavier Allard, promotion officer for Visit Hainaut. If you had to sum up 2021 in one sentence, it would say that “tourism has adapted. It continues to grow despite…

“No tourism without terroir”

And this development requires an improvement in the supply of housing. “The lodgings turned out well in 2021 with an occupancy rate of 70-80%. There are new unusual accommodations, such as cabins, yurts, trailers, that works well. Not to mention this new hotel in Saint-Ghislain. So the offer is diversifying.

Tourism under health restrictions also involves the development of hiking and cycling routes. “We distributed brochures on the nodes, topoguides, thematic walks“. And who says walk says break to eat: the hotel and catering industry has everything to gain in the matter. “We see new beers appearing on our territory, new starred restaurants… As I always say, there is no terroir without tourism. No tourism without terroir…

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