Two tourists fined $ 900 for sneaking into Rome's Colosseum to drink beer
Two tourists fined $ 900 for sneaking into Rome’s Colosseum to drink beer

A couple of tourists from the United States were fined 800 euros (about $ 900) by Italian authorities on Tuesday, after illegally entering the Rome Coliseum and drink beers there while waiting for the sunrise, local media report.

According to reports, the young Americans, aged 24 and 25, were sitting on the second ring of the historic monument around 5:30 when they were seen by passers-by, who did not hesitate to report what happened to the Police.

After their arrest, the tourists admitted to having circumvented the barriers to enter the Flavian Amphitheater with two beers and to stay to chat and watch the sunrise. In this way, they were fined for invading lands and for violating the prohibition to enter archaeological areas outside the permitted hours.

According to the authorities, the structure of the Colosseum does not appear to have been damaged by the incursion of young people.

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