Adriano in a video published on Instagram.  (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Homicide Police had access to the list with the names of creditors and the case will be investigated

Adriano in a video published on Instagram. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Disappeared since Wednesday, merchant Adriano Villarino da Costa, 34, was found by DEH (Specialized in Repression of Homicide Crimes) police and said he disappeared after being threatened with death by one of the loan sharks he owes. The Civil Police had access to the list of creditors and now, the case will be investigated.

In a video of just over four minutes, Adriano read notes taken in a notebook, where he says he is well, alive, but “without the head to talk about everything that is going on”. He thanks friends and family for their concern and apologizes.

Next, the trader says he is embarrassed by the exposure of his personal life, but confirms the information that he owes loan sharks. “I owe some people yes and I was threatened with death by one of them. I am very scared and, for this reason, I was disoriented, walking aimlessly and without communication”, he explains.

He denied that he was on the run and said he would pay the creditors. Finally, he adds that the cell phone was seized by the police and that, now, investigators have had access to the names of the loan sharks. “Not by my will, my cell phone went to the police station and every person I owe is being listed and investigated. There, I confirmed all the names”, he concludes.

Before the images end, Adriano asks the loan sharks not to look for his friends or family. He ends up crying and says he will “get back up and turn this page of life”.

Or case – Adriano Villarino da Costa, 34, disappeared around 8:30 am on Wednesday (12) when he returned to his house, on Rua Rio de Janeiro, in the Monte Castelo neighborhood, in Campo Grande.

According to the incident report, around 8 am, Adriano left the car at his 36-year-old wife’s pet shop, on Avenida Afonso Pena, downtown. Upon returning home, he called an app driver and disappeared.

Family members said he has no drug problem, but has a depressive condition and owed about R$150,000 to loan sharks. The disappearance was registered and investigated by the Homicide Police.

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