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According to him, the work could not be carried out at 8 pm, when the establishments are open.

(Photo: Playback / Instagram)

A merchant on Ana Luíza de Souza Street, in Campo Grande, protested on social media about the time when the city hall of the Capital decided to carry out the disinfection work this Thursday (13). According to the owner of the hamburger shop, located on the street, the stipulated time hindered the traders, as they were forced to close the establishments and send customers away, due to work.

“It’s absurd, at 8 pm, the city hall decides to carry out this sanitization in a street that has several establishments that open at night. Without any prior notice, full of police, we look like bandits”, protested the trader an excerpt from the videos.

However, the Executive Branch published a note, on its official website, alerting residents and traders about the time and when the disinfection would be carried out.

“The orientation is that the population receives the service in the best possible way, so that residents, traders and customers do not have any surprises or losses, since chemical products are used during the action”, says one of the excerpts of the text.

In addition to Ana Luiz de Souza, the work will also cover Rua Pontalina, located in Bairro Pioneiro.

Also according to the agency, the services furnish a total of 30 servers from Sisep (Municipal Secretariat for Infrastructure), Sesau (Municipal Health Secretariat), Agetran (Municipal Transport and Traffic Agency) and GCM (Metropolitan Civil Guard). and two water trucks will be used.

The measure is part of the actions of the prefecture in the face of the transmission of Covid-19, in Campo Grande.

The Metropolitan Civil Guard uses a megaphone to inform the local population about the work carried out on the streets, asking drivers to remove their vehicles for disinfection.

Disinfection actions were resumed by the City Hall this Wednesday (12) and the first streets that received sanitization were in the Aero Rancho neighborhood, starting with Rua Raquel de Queiroz.

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