Traders removed from schools

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- To avoid crowds outside schools, the Directorate of Markets asks merchants to leave, since the sale is not allowed, informed Daniel León Morales, head of the agency.

Consumption and those who are doing it, is the responsibility of the parents (…) we are not allowing it yet, at this moment we are not allowing it, we know that some arrive and settle, but we talk with them (so that they leave) ”, said.

He noted that these operative are performed daily.

“We have people in the center and we take the opportunity to go to the schools in the center and we have people who walk in the periphery as well, so we walk all day, 22 people walking in tours,” he explained.

The Director of Markets stressed that at the moment they have not collected merchandise from the merchants. Photo: Eribaldo Gutiérrez

They prioritize dialogue with merchants

The Director of Markets highlighted that for the moment they have not collected merchandise from the merchants, since they consider that the first thing is to dialogue.

He also mentioned that every day receive reports from installed vendors outside the campuses, so after being informed, the inspectors come to review the situation and ask them to leave.

Finally, he noted that a day they visit around 20 schools during their tours plus an approximate of 15 reports that they review.


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